Yet more Weird Dreams

Last night’s dream came at me completely out of left field. I dreamed I was a contestant on Masterchef (if you’ve seen any of the posts I’ve made about cooking, you’ll know why this is not a good idea), and the brief from the judges? To make a beef sandwich.



(I can do this!)

Of course, since it’s Masterchef, it’s not a simple beef sandwich, and therefore I’m immediately trying to make it fancy. Cue onions, herbs, slow-cooking bits of beef in the oven, baguettes and a general sense of confusion. My chief adversary, former F1 driver Mark Webber (no, I don’t know why, it’s my subconscious), was getting annoyed with my rather haphazard approach and the mess I was creating in the kitchen. I don’t know how well the sandwich was received by the judges because the dream jumped to the next contest before I could find out!

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