I mean, come on people. This is where the surge to right-wing populism is heading. Donald Trump is the embodiment of what is wrong with this worrying trend, and he keeps demonstrating what this does – his latest move? Accusing Obama of spying on him, and implicating Britain, a long-time staunch ally of the US, of being involved.

What a complete moron. His bluster and his incompetence (and that of his administration, if his cronies are anything to go by) is going to be damaging for years to come, and we don’t yet know the extent of this. The only upside is that the Republican party will be taken down with him – and even that isn’t an upside, since for any system to work, the opposition needs to be strong. Trump is a short-term and long-term mess.

His notion that the UK (at the urging of US intelligence services no less) would spy on him is the latest in a string of stupid statements and ideas. Remarkably, his supporters are bedding down, and all I can ask is… how?! How can people repeatedly turn a blind eye to the lunacy that’s taking place in the US? Urgh, just talking about this idiot makes me angry. I wish he’d piss off!