Why Words with Friends is Evil

By now it’s probably apparent that I’m a bit of a sadomashocist. Or however you spell that word. After all, I routinely delve into the dark and murky waters of MRAs and religious fundamentalism. I must enjoy it in some way, right?

Yet there is one thing that I do that I don’t enjoy, yet I do it repeatedly. What is it? Words with Friends. Basically, Scrabble but online. Why don’t I enjoy it, and why do I still do it?


Maybe I do derive some hidden enjoyment out of being thrashed by my wife repeatedly (that sentence really needs reconsidering). Maybe I’m pigheaded and stubborn (very possible). Maybe I’m engaging in a penance for something. Maybe I’m a bit of an idiot. In any event, I’m pretty sure the game hates me.


I know what you’re thinking – ‘a game can’t hate’! Well, WWF can. It’s diabolical in fact. You end up (or I end up) with three scenarios – the tray of virtually all vowels (wow, AAUIFEO, thanks), a tray of awkward letters (CUZQCIS), or constanant city (BDDTRWS). This certainly seems to be the recurring theme.


I may be starting to lose patience with this.

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