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Why I Love… Trains

Yes, I like trains. In addition to my love of science fiction, I am a train geek as well. I’m not exactly selling a cool image here, but I don’t care – I like trains.

I can’t exactly pin down why I like trains, though it may well have something to do with a model railway exhibition my parents took me to in London as a kid. I remember not only the sight of some amazing model railways (including the trains and the attention to detail of the surroundings), but I think this may also have been the first time I traveled on the London Underground (which has the distinction of being the oldest underground railway in the world).


(The London Underground is the oldest metro system in the world)


(The Intercity 125 re-ignited Britain’s love of the railways)

The opportunity to travel along a new route, or even to travel along a familiar one that’s become seldom used, is an experience to be savoured for me, and I love keeping an eye out for interesting trackside objects.

The history of trains is also quite fascinating. A lot of people have heard of George Stephenson and his famous Rocket train, but this was not the birth of the steam train.

The Pioneers of Steam

Steam links the Cities

Mass Transit

The Future

Train Classes

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