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Now don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful that the eternal winter is over (or appears to be over). I’m no longer using my thick winter coat and today walked to work without any coat whatsoever. That’s a win in my book. Unfortunately the consequence of bright sunshine has been two-fold – work has been very quiet and the store (which has huge bay windows) has been *boiling. I’m feeling overheated for sure and willing on payday, where cold beers will enter my life once again.

What’s the betting that the weather will dip as soon as I put the beers in the fridge?

I shouldn’t complain. Winter, especially when it lasts into freakin’ April, is tedious and miserable. I want the chance to break out the bbq and make some homemade burgers! I want to sit in the paddling pool or read a book in the garden. That said, I also want to go to work without melting. Why does this nation not do a happy medium?!

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