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Video Madness

Video Madness

So, the other day I finally got my first YouTube video up – it was a short, introductory video to my site.

So far, so good right?

Unfortunately, video number two has not been so straight-forward. Whilst the video itself is prepared and ready, and all the editing and images done and added, the software I am using to create these videos caps the length of the videos at five minutes. Vid two? 5:28 minutes long. Great, just great!

The chief problem is that the software records them as rzmmpj files – and whilst the software can convert these files into mp4s (a more conventional form of video file), it refuses to do so unless I upgrade the software to the Gold edition – which costs money.

Being a tight-fisted git, I am not particularly inclined to part with my cash, so this leaves me two options – 1, record shorter videos, or 2, find something that lets me convert these annoying rzmmpj files into other formats.

So far, my efforts to find something I can use to convert these files into something useful have been fruitless. Therefore I may have to shorten my videos (not ideal), or alternatively, as a third option, simply place my ugly face all over YouTube. Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen.

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