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Two Nights of Weird Dreams

Two Nights of Weird Dreams

My subconscious loves to bewilder me. The other night was a dream all about travel. What’s weird is that the first part involved my former boss as we took a trip in their car, with no apparent destination. I have no idea where we where headed, but I enjoyed the conversation and banter along the way. Part two involved being on a plane, and somehow getting off the plane safely to watch it land. No idea how that happened!

Yes, I know, it’s strange! But hold on, because dream two is even weirder. Imagine a crossover starring…


Basically, Jon and the Night’s Watch were trying to stop Thanos from gathering the Infinity Stones. Along the way, Jon slaughtered a bunch of Walkers, who were all dressed up for some kind of meeting and minding their own business. No, I don’t understand it either. The day I unravel the mysteries of my mind, I’ll have cracked the code of the universe.

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