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Twenty Years

Twenty Years

Time is a funny thing. It can feel painfully slow sometimes, such as when you’re a kid in school, watching the clock, wanting desperately for the school day to end. Yet you can wake up one day, and it will have been over a decade since you were at school, leaving you to wonder, where did that time go? My daughter is seven – yet I can remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. Where did all that time go?!

Today is a particular poignant reminder of how time flies. On this day, twenty years ago, my Grandad left us. He was a wonderful man, who did not judge, did not get angry, did not do anything except take everything life threw at him in good humour and grace. In his youth he had served in the Army and fought the Nazis; he was brave, courageous and noble. I have many memories of listening to him talk about the war, though I’m sure he left out the gory details, on account of how young my brother and I were. His was a good soul, and to think  that it’s been twenty years… it’s just staggering.

Tonight I will raise a toast to this wonderful man, and I will look up to the Heavens and hope that somewhere, my Grandad is proud of me. I love you Grandad, and I miss you. x

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