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TV Show Challenge Day 27

TV Show Challenge Day 27


Day 27 is ‘best special effects’.

There have been a lot of FX in various genres that can best be described as mesmerising, albeit for different reasons. The work across the various Star Trek shows could be considered ground-breaking for their time, and the FX used on action shows like Spartacus deserves a mention for the way in which they managed to depict gruesome deaths without actually killing anyone!

In fact, Spartacus deserves a lot of credit here, for the show’s seemingly basic appearance defies deeper, more subtle work. A lot of effort has gone into some mightily difficult scenes, many of which are chaotic.

Likewise, Game of Thrones deserves a mention here. The huge landscapes, the dragons, massive fleets of ships and the Walkers are all incredible to look at, and represent how CGI can combine with good old-fashioned sets to create a living, breathing world.

I would actually go as far to say that Game of Thrones takes the crown today, for its incredibly detailed worlds.


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