Trump’s First Week

It hasn’t taken long for Donald Trump to start pissing people off. Whether your cause is womens’ rights, climate change, LGBT rights, or whether your cause relates to Islam or Mexico, Trump has been putting the hammer down.

It all began with the inauguration. On only his second day, Trump was attacking the media, sending out his attack dog, Sean Spicer (remember the name) to decry the reports that Trump’s inauguration was considerably under-attended, when compared to Obama’s in 2009. This despite pictures of the ceremony, and information from transport authorities in Washington D.C.

Spicer’s remarks gave way to the term ‘alternative facts’, coined by Kellyanne Conway on his third day. Needless to say, Twitter has had a field day with this phrase, which is really another term for lying.

I’m not impressed so far…

On day four, Trump signed a ban US money going to overseas groups which perform or provide advice on abortions. This assault on the reproductive rights of women was signed off by a man, surrounded by several other men, with not a single woman present. On day five, he announced his government would press ahead with the Standing Rock oil pipeline, despite the disruption and harm this will cause to thousands of native Americans living in its path.


Is it clear to people yet? This man is not fit to lead a country, least of all one with so much power

On day six, Trump announced he thought torture was a reasonable means of extracting information, including waterboarding, and he also stated he plans to press ahead with plans to build a wall on the US border with Mexico. Continuing his theme of exclusion, Trump also revealed his plans to block immigration from certain Muslim countries.

Today, he’s criticised Mexico after the country’s president cancelled a meeting with him, following Trump’s insistence that Mexico pay for this wall.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and this is after just one week. What else do Trump and his cabinet have in store for us? What is next for the world?

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