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Toxic Fandom and how to Deal with it

Toxic Fandom and how to Deal with it

I’ve put (wasted?) a fair bit of energy into challenging the angry, arrogant elements of the Star Trek fandom who are determined to create an ‘us versus them’ environment. The gatekeepers who insist they and they alone are true fans, because they somehow know better than anyone else what Star Trek is, are truly infuriating. Some of them have argued with actors from Discovery, because they wanted to spin a particular, misleading narrative. One got called out by none other than William Shatner himself, yet he does not seem to be particularly repentant in his attitude.

Arguing with these people is a futile, pointless gesture, for they view opinions as facts, and anyone who disagrees with their ‘facts’ is liable to cop all kinds of abuse for it. As per Batleth Babe, it is perhaps better to disengage and let this minority scream into a vacuum. Their cognitive disassociation leads them to ignore the words and advice of people who are or have worked on Star Trek, because they’ve invested far too much time into believing their opinions are holy fact, and there can be no reasoning with that mindset.

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