Things I’d like to do

This meerkat has seen and done quite a view things in his life that he’s been quite lucky and privileged to do. I’ve swam with dolphins, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, snorkeled at The Great Barrier Reef, seen Edinburgh Castle, explored (well, I use the term explore loosely) France, Portugal, Spain and Germany (Berlin is beautiful), I’ve been to the wonderful city of Amsterdam (my luggage flew to Switzerland when I flew home to Stansted – it didn’t bring back any gifts!), and I’ve been to the US three times, going to Disney World and visiting Jamestown (where Britain’s adventure in the Americas truly began). I’ve seen The Lion King musical twice (please go see it if you haven’t – it’s amazing). I’ve been to Destination Star Trek (and will be going again this Year).

Some of these experiences I’ve shared with my wife. Some of them happened before I met her. I want to forge more memories with her – and with my daughter as well. There’s still much of the world I haven’t seen and I want to experience it with my wife and daughter – indeed, with my whole family.

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