The Weird Hotel Dreams

I am away from home, learning what I need to know in order to be the best possible sales advisor in my new role, and last night was my first night in the hotel. Whether it was being in a hotel or whether due to the long day, I had not one but two rather unusual dreams.

The first involved being in a house in desperate need of repair, in the middle of the night, with a bunch of complete strangers with flashlights, investigating a supposed alien abduction hotspot. There was an eerie quality to this one, what with having no idea what was lurking in the house and the interplay of light and shadow creating some spooky effects.

The second dream involved a series of recreations of The Lion King musical, except they were in a small community hall and each performance got progressively worse. What this has to do with anything I don’t know. It was completely left field and I don’t know how to fully process either dream.

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