Meerkat Musings

The Twisted World of Meerkat Dreams!

The Twisted World of Meerkat Dreams!


Behind that adorable face lies a crazed mind. My dreams over the past few days have been a sprawling mess, a chaotic maelstrom of weirdness. Let me regale you with the first tale…

Old Men

I have no idea what was happening here. This dream is a few days old so it’s quite fuzzy, but it seemed to involve a car park confrontation, a small waterfall, some kind of extremely valuable artefact and a set of stairs, as well as confronting an old man with a knife who had masqueraded as an ally against the original bad guy. I have no idea why we were mortal enemies but that’s dreams for you!

Masterchef, Killer Robots and the Apocalypse

Yeah… I can’t link the first part to the rest. One minute I’m a contestant on Masterchef Australia (my wife will tell you why that’s hilarious!), the next I’m fleeing from a Terminator and trying to marshal a bunch of people in shelters to survive a coming nuclear war. Why my subconscious produced such a baffling scenario I don’t know!

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