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The Return of Angry Laptop Man!

The Return of Angry Laptop Man!

Back on the 7th of August, I wrote this post about a guy who just didn’t understand how his warranty (or it would seem, laptop) works. The guy isn’t English (not that this automatically means he’s a crook or a bad guy, I hasten to add), and I wonder if he’s playing up to the language barrier when it suits him.

Anyway, he came into the store last week, and we arranged for it to be sent back for repair. Owing to a problem with the details on file, the laptop was picked up earlier today, a little later than hoped.

So, just a short time ago, he comes into the store, operating under the curious idea that his laptop being collected today means it’s also ready to take back home today, and insists he spoke to someone who told him this was the case. He certainly didn’t speak to anyone in store!

So, either he has A: spoken to someone at our repair team who has given him incorrect information (possible, but unlikely, and not the store’s responsibility anyway), or B: he’s lying.

He muttered stuff about the store/company being crap, yadda yadda yadda. What he needs to realise is, this has come about due to his complete and total lack of understanding of… well, everything.

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