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The latest Site Statistics!

The latest Site Statistics!

So, it’s time for the latest bi-weekly site stats update! (I can tell you’re all trembling with excitement – which page is soaring high, which nation is scoring the most hits???).

The past two weeks have seen a dramatic surge or two with activity, but then, this corresponds to a more aggressive marketing strategy. So, lets see where we are:

The USA is currently top of referrals, with 581. The UK is second with 517, and in third is Australia with 279. Canada is fourth on 136, and Slovenia is fifth on 34. I’m not going to include every last hit from every last nation now, because frankly it’s a long list! It does seem that my site is garnering quite a following in eastern Europe – Slovenia, Finland, Latvia, Serbia, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Croatia have all registered hits to my site.

In terms of site referrers, is way out in the lead on 274, with Bigfooty some way back on 126. Starfleet Jedi is third on 46, and search engines are fourth with 36. Fifth is Twitter, on 27.

Tune in at the end of the month for more!

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