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The Ghostbusters Hate Train

The Ghostbusters Hate Train

I swore to myself I wouldn’t be doing this, but every so often I’ll read something from this guy that requires a response. So here goes (be warned, his post contains some,colourful language):

This month I have been following up on the controversy surrounding the 2016 “GhostBusters” or should I say “NuBusters” movie.  I have watched some negative reviews of that monstrosity on YouTube and thus vow to never see it.  I know that I could be called a “sexist”, “misogynist”, or “men’s rights activist (MRA)” for being critical of this feminist movie.  The problems with NuBusters just about have absolutely NOTHING to do with it being a all female GhostBusters team and instead with the plot and how the movie is overall piss poorly written etc.  I used to like GhostBusters when I was a kid and this movie ruined GhostBusters just like NuTrek ruined TOS.  NuBusters is very hypocritical in that it is racist and very sexist against men, it is just as bad as Cool Cat which I covered in my previous journal.  I strongly recommend that you don’t watch bad movies such as NuBusters, Cool Cat Saves The Kids, or Titan A.E.  Sorry Titan A.E, your “there can only be one savior” plot is a mixture of cow jizz and rhinoceros diarrhea and my HG Wells’ The Time Machine flashlight spin-off will rebel against that sick philosophy.

He hasn’t seen the film yet already calls it ‘racist and sexist’ and is equating the film to feminism, which suggests a lack of understanding about what feminism is. An argument out of ignorance is no argument at all – I would argue the trailer doesn’t help the film (some of the humour in the trailers seems very forced), but at least forming an opinion based on a trailer makes some sense – letting other people’s reviews determine your impression of a film is like letting someone tell you what food you like.

Since I haven’t seen the film, I can’t speak for the alleged racism or sexism in it, and it would be very interesting to see whose been writing these reviews.

back on topic, I loved the old 1984 GhostBustersmove and the GhostBusters cartoon series when I was a minor and the 2016 NuBusters film defiles it.  I bet that Anita Sarkeesian (aka Feminist Frequency) LOVES NuBusters since I heard that she hates the genuine GhostBusters for having a all male team in it, but fuck her!  I have to say, that if you like NuBusters, then you are an fucking retard!  Sorry Anita, I prefer the classic 1984 movie and cartoon series over your NuBusters.

Wow. A lot of anger directed toward a film he hasn’t seen, and a very judgemental attitude towards anyone who does like it. Sadly, this is not the first time I have observed this behaviour from this person.

EDIT: They have since revised their position on this movie, displaying, in my view at least, greater maturity and wisdom on the subject. They no longer harbour the same feelings toward it.

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