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The Force Awakens – but will it be any good?

The Force Awakens – but will it be any good?

We are less than 200 days from the new Star Wars film, and whereas at one stage I was cautiously optimistic (but also quite wary) of the new film (in fact, when first announced, I was highly dubious), but now I find myself wondering if the film might actually surpass all expectations.

The prequel trilogy was largely derided as a FX-laden, wooden set of films, marked with the occasional burst of excellence. What the new trilogy appears to be attempting is to recapture the spirit of the original trilogy, regarded as great pieces of film-making and full of heart.

The imagery is certainly evocative.

My desire to see this film is growing – by Christmas I suspect I’ll be boiling over!

It’s the classic stuff that is great to see – TIE fighters, X-Wings, the Falcon, Storm Troopers and Darth Vader’s burnt out helmet are all evocative images – the trailers have done a good job of whetting the appetite without revealing any details of the plot – a rare thing these days.

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