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The F1 2009 Game Diary Season 2 Round 12 – Belgium

The F1 2009 Game Diary Season 2 Round 12 – Belgium

wpid-1280px-spa-francorchamps_of_belgium.svg_.pngThe famous circuit of Spa in Belgium was the destination for round 12 of my second season on F1 2009, and it would be fair to say I thoroughly enjoy this track. It is fast, and I am fast here, Even in wet conditions (which took place during qualifying) I was able to pump in good laps, enough to qualify 2nd (narrowly missing out on pole).

I was able to get by Vettel into the first turn (a beautiful right hairpin), and from there the race was easy. Eau Rouge is a fantastic, fast uphill curve that is exhilarating every time you hit it, and the sequence from turns 10 through to 16 is a series of fast, sweeping corners that allow you to really push the car.

I had no troubles here. I would lose the lead after my first stop, but regain after everyone else pitted, and I would not lose the lead again. A routine win meant I was now 25 points clear of Button in the championship.

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