The Earth is Flat! Wait, what?!

wpid-wp-1446741446606.jpg(the world is flat, and unicorns prance in fields of gold)

Over on Big Footy (one of the forums I frequent), a thread started that discusses the frankly absurd idea that planet earth is flat. Not a sphere, but in fact, a giant pancake.

That’s right, in the 21st Century, there are still people who would seriously argue for a flat earth.

I’m still not sure if the thread started as part of an elaborate trolling effort, openly mocking the flat earthers, or if it was started out of a genuine belief in this notion. Quite how it can be believed in the face of all the available evidence is completely beyond me, and all I could I think as I read the thread was ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’, over and over again.

Timon7(the face I make when I realise someone is serious about a flat earth)

It’s bad enough that the idea still has support anywhere, but now, celebrities are jumping on this bandwagon. Once again, I can’t be sure if this is a clever campaign to expose people who buy into this, or if it’s actually a real belief on the part of rapper B.O.B.

Apparently NASA pictures of the earth are fake, and there are many convulated explanations to wave away little details like how we can circumnavigate the globe by boat or plane, or how we can even see the curvature of the earth in certain situations. Naturally, these details are part of a vast conspiracy to hide the truth.

The big question is, why deny something that should be blatantly obvious? If the world was indeed flat, why hide it? Indeed, what makes anyone seriously think we could hide that for any length of time? Also, what would be gained from such a lie? Who benefits from it?

I could go on at greater length, but I haven’t got the will at nearly 10pm to go deep into a topic that doesn’t deserve the attention in the first place. Granting it so much merit by discussing it will only strengthen the idea in the eyes of those who already believe it, and they will perpetuate this pseudo-scientific nonsense. Can we please come back to the 21st Century now?