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The Doc is Back

The Doc is Back


So the mysterious Time Lord known as The Doctor has returned to our screens after what has felt like an age. Capaldi’s first full appearance treated us to the usual post-regeneration fare of a confused and disorientated Doctor trying to remember who he is, whilst Clara tries to adapt to this radically changed man (especially in terms of his new face, but also in terms of his behaviour).

The Tardis lands (via the belly of a T-Rex!) into Victorian London and the Doctor’s little trio of Victorian helpers (whose names escape me) are thrust into a mystery surrounding spontanious combustions and alien robots (that look and act suspiously like the ones from the Tennant-era ‘Girl in the Fireplace’, as indeed they are intended to be). The Doctor (still confused) goes off half-cocked and the result is that both the Doctor and Clara wind up in a trap.

I won’t give any more away, so will instead offer my thoughts on it all.

I am uncertain about the new Doctor. He is decidedly erratic to begin with, and Clara spends a lot of her time in emotional angst. It’s hard to warm to the new Doctor (though his harsher behaviour means that’s kind of the point).

So, the episode gets an 8/10 from me, with 7/10 for the Doctor and 7/10 for Clara. Onwards and upwards!

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