The Deep Breath before the Plunge

So far, my new job has seen me bounce from place to place and take part in a couple of gruelling early starts. I have been to Cambridge, Doncaster and Enfield in London. I’ve been out on the delivery lorries and out with the service team. Twice now (including today) I’ve been involved in what’s called a ‘change over’, where a number of sofas are swapped out for new models. When there are twenty suites to move, each with various pieces, this can be exhausting. Needless to say, I am shattered.

All of this though, is in preparation for the big winter sale, which kicks off in earnest on Boxing Day. This is where I will earn my keep, so to speak, by demonstrating my prowess as a salesperson. I’ve always been good at sales – I did it when I sold laptops, printers and office furniture. I did it when I sold bathrooms. I will do it when selling sofas – however, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to get stuck in and actually do so, which is proving quite frustrating. The more I do, the more I learn – so all I want to do now is get cracking.

This is important, as cue Boxing Day the expectation is that the store will get very busy and continue to be busy for several days. There is the very real chance to make a lot of money, more money in fact, than I have earned in any previous job. I hope I can be disciplined in how I use it, but first, I want the chance to sharpen my teeth!


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