The Coffin and the Dogs

The old man had always been vindictive and cruel, bullying those who he felt were beneath him. As this feeling extended to every last soul he met, the old man lived alone, with only his dogs for company. Even they were not often spared his misery and contempt.

So the old man wore his smoking jacket and puffed his pipe and ambled around his large yet empty stately home. He grew sick, and no one cared, not even enough to phone him. He wrote of his disdain for the ‘idiots of the village’, and pledged to hide his wealth from those he deemed unworthy. Upon his death, his will bequeathed his fortune to his two dobermans, and once they were to pass, the money was to go to the sea.


Unless his wealth – hidden in the form of bonds and shares – was found before the dogs, now being cared for at a local trust, died.


“We shouldn’t be doing this…” The young man muttered, but he drove the shovel into the earth anyway, throwing the dirt behind him.

“If it gets us fourteen million quid then we should be doing this.” Replied his girlfriend, who was also pushing a shovel into the ground.

The air was still and not a creature made a sound, lending a creepy air to proceedings as the pair dug their way deeper. Sweat poured off them, even though they had reduced themselves to t-shirts and shorts – such were the trials of grave-robbing on a hot July night. Every once in a while they paused to grab a swig from the bottles of water they’d brought with them – it barely took the edge off the close humid heat.

Fortunately, their efforts were soon rewarded, when the young man’s shovel scraped the top of the coffin. From that point on, it was a case of hands and knees, and pushing away as much as earth as possible, until it became possible to actually open up.

“You still wanna do this?” He asked nervously.

“Yeah.” She replied, after a moment’s hesitation.

“Alright then, on three… one, two, three…”

They shoved away the top cover, bracing themselves for the sight (and stench) of a corpse. Instead they both cried out in shock and fright as a pair of dogs burst out of the coffin, barking like crazy. The pair scrambled their way out of the hole they’d dug and ran, not keen to check the coffin for anything else.

Chapter 2

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