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The 2014 Japanese Grand Prix

The 2014 Japanese Grand Prix

As anyone following this blog has become aware, I tend to offer up my thoughts about a grand prix at its conclusion. I only saw part of Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix (for reasons that will become clear in subsequent posts), but I did see Hamilton’s bold move on Rosberg into the first corner to claim the lead – and I saw the race get red-flagged in the wake of Jules Bianchi’s serious accident.

His going off the track was not in itself the problem – it was unfortunate co-incidence that he crashed off where Sutil had crashed a lap earlier – and there was a crane there, trying to remove Sutil’s car. Bianchi hit the crane, and in the process, sustained a serious head injury.

He has had surgery and is currently in intensive care, and all we can do is keep our fingers crossed, pray, and send him all our best wishes – which I am sure everyone will do.

In a horrible twist, Bianchi’s accident was not the only bit of bad news to befall Formula 1 yesterday. Former driver Andrea De Cesaris, whose career spanned 14 years from 1980 to 1994, was killed yesterday in a motorbike accident in Rome.

Sunday has been a day that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons in F1 circles, and I wish Bianchi a speedy recovery, and De Cesaris to rest peacefully.

3 thoughts on “The 2014 Japanese Grand Prix

  1. Sue Cooke

    I think the race should have been postponed even before the tornado hit them. It was well forecast that there was more to follow. It definitely had a bad impact on the tyres even when the road started to dry. Also I hope a lesson has been learned and that in future the race should be stopped until all crashed cars have been removed from the track and cranes have gone.
    Bad day for F1 all round.

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