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‘No True Feminist’

A few days ago I wrote an article exploring another article that was in turn trying to assert feminism gives women carte blanche to do whatever they want, without consequence. The author, Talon, has written another essay along similar lines – it is by and large, repetition, though framed in such a way that I felt… Read more


Before I begin in earnest, lets post the conversation I had over at a site called ‘Stefs Cave‘. My posts will be in green, theirs will be in pink. Good afternoon, I think both MRAs and MGTOWs (to be honest, they are very similar in a lot of respects) are pushing back against something that… Read more

Two very different Takes

As those of you who follow this blog are by now aware, I quite frequently dip my toes into potentially choppy waters. I discuss things like religion, homosexuality, and feminism. I’ve recently been talking a little bit about vaccination too. Today’s post is about feminism, in case you were wondering, and two very different perspectives… Read more


Right now my little meerkat brain is like a ball – it keeps rolling around, unable to settle on any single idea – at least until I read more on the stance taken toward transgender individuals by certain portions of the radfem movement. It’s not the only topic that’s up for discussion. I’m considering dipping… Read more

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