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Star Trek and Gun Control

Star Trek and Gun Control

But unusual this one, but I dislike seeing something I love being misappropriated to support the foolish notion of unfettered access to deadly weapons as somehow being a good thing.

Shall we take a look at Exhibit A?

Yes, Lily had access to a submachine gun. In a post-nuclear war, virtually lawless society. It’s hardly a valid comparison to the present day situation.

Exhibit B:

Guinan was also extremely old and would have had ample opportunity to learn how to use weapons. This doesn’t go to prove that access to firearms is unregulated, as it currently is in the USA. Guns are available in Canada, France, Germany and the UK – there are regulations in place in all these nations but its typical of anti-regulation activists to assume otherwise.

Exhibit C:

See above. Having unrestricted access to virtually any type of firearm is not the same thing as regulations and controls.

There’s more (a lot more), but I grow weary of having to point out the obvious every time someone puts up these false dichotomies about guns and regulations, whilst it annoys me greatly that people would take Star Trek and twist it to suit such an agenda.

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