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Site Stats

Site Stats

For a little while I used to regale my readers with ‘site stats’. Little updates and the like. I stopped doing this ages ago, but I thought it might be interesting to revisit the idea, at least once in a while.

Some interesting tidbits: In 2015 my site had 4,222 views. So far in 2016, it’s had 3,964 views. 2016 is shaping up to beat 2015 quite easily.

Per country, the majority of views are from the UK, with 1,376 views, with the US close behind on 1,332 views. In third place, but some way back, is Australia, with 374 views.

Not counting search engines, Twitter is the top referrer to the site, contributing 445 views. The WordPress viewer is next on 127 views, and Facebook is third on 55 views.

The most viewed page (if we don’t count the home page) is ‘Why Meerkats?’ on 139 views, with my page on Ayrton Senna second on 108 views, and ‘The Scary Side of Radical Feminism’ sits third with 70 views.

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