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Site Stats Time!

Site Stats Time!

So, time for a site stats update – I know you all look forward to these with glee.

I’m not going to be quite so in-depth (as the level of statistical detail grows, the simpler these posts will be). In terms of the international scene, the UK, US and Australia are comfortable in the top three, with a big gap between Australia and Canada, in fourth place. My site now has views from nearly 50 different countries – including a rather impressive Eastern European following!

In terms of website referrals, is a comfortable lead with Search Engines holding a narrow lead over Big Footy. People have visited my site from a number of different locations, including Twitter, Facebook, iMDB and Starfleet Jedi.

I still plan to add a video blog to the site eventually – it’s a case of finding the time to record my videos, as well as picking subjects that might actually be of interest to people!

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