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Showdown P1(short Zelda fiction)

Showdown P1(short Zelda fiction)

He was weary. He wanted to holster his sword for the final time and walk away. After so many trials, and so many monsters, was it fair to have come so close to rescuing Zelda, only for one final act of defiance from the twisted Ghirahim?

The personification of hate and rage stood before him, challenge extended. His sword looked like three black diamonds fused together, and stood nearly as tall as Link himself.

“If you decide to embrace your fate rather than flee from it, come, step into the portal. I will be waiting.” Demise stepped backward, and vanished in a cloud of black smoke.

“Hey, Link!” Groose shouted from further up the spiral. “Granny says there’s still a chance to save Zelda!”

Link span around, his heat ceasing to beat for a just a moment as hope surged anew. “What? How?”

“It’ll time for that creep to fully absorb Zelda’s soul. If you beat him, it will return to her, but you can’t take too long!”

It still wasn’t right. Demise had been crushed, impaled upon the Temple of the Goddess, only for Ghirahim to bring them all back in time. Yet if there was a chance to save Zelda, there was no chance Link wouldn’t take it.

“Look after her for me!” Link shouted up to Groose, before drawing the Master Sword once more. A pulse of blue energy ran up it, signifying the emergence of Fi. She spread out her blue wings and cast her blue eyes on Link.

“Master Link, if you proceed, I predict a 0% chance you will be able to return to this realm unless you defeat Demise.”

Link simply nodded.

“Are you ready to proceed?”

Another nod.

“Then Master Link… good luck.” Fi returned to the sword, and Link stepped into the portal…

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