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Send in the Guardians!

Send in the Guardians!


I have rarely enjoyed a film as much as I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy tonight. From the funny little dance we get from Quill at the start of the film, to his funky moves at the end, this film keeps things refreshingly light and yet also manages to offer up real heart. You warm to all the characters – from the surprisingly eloquent Drax to the wise-ass that is Rocket, to Groot’s innocence, Quill’s badboy ways and Gamorra’s quest for vengeance, each character has something of worth.

The bad guy is a little flat but we don’t get to see enough of him, which is a shame as he could have been an interesting enemy. That said, he offers a few good scenes of malice.

The scope of the film is huge and both the sets and CGI work is top-notch. The film is beautiful, with lots of strong attention to detail.

I also loved the soundtrack. The use of 80s songs rather than a traditional score makes the film seem more down-to-earth. I loved this film and it is one of the few I would consider seeing at the cinema again.

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