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Scotland Day Two

Scotland Day Two

Having survived a loooooong day of travel, the second day of our Scottish adventure began with a brief lie-in for the adults, and for the kids… well, my nephew was up quite early, but he’s one, so he’s going to wake up whenever he wants. My daughter… well, after being sick five times in two days, she slept in.

So Day Two began in a lazy fashion. Eggs and bacon for breakfast, a couple of cups of coffee. Having unwound we then embarked upon a trip to Aviemore itself.

Aviemore is quite beautiful, and yet also surprisingly busy. The town was bustling when we went in – not perhaps that much of a surprise given the tourist nature of the place. After lunch in a local cafe we geared up for a trip on the Strathspey Railway. This is a volunteer-led heritage railway that serves three stations.

Aviemore station is also a regular mainline station – platforms 1 and 2 serve various destinations. Platform 3 (on the far right) is where we would catch the train (not literally, it’s far too heavy).

I should stress, this also is not the train.

This is the train. A beauty no? My daughter appeared to enjoy the experience – it was a gentle, sedate voyage, through some truly picturesque countryside.

Oh yeah, train heaven! 

The first stop of Boat of Garten was beautiful:

Our final stop was Broomhill:

From here it was back to Aviemore, and our home away from home, for a chilled evening!

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