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Scotland Day Three

Scotland Day Three

Scotland is famous for a great many things. Haggis (I’m not describing that one in any great detail), kilts, Hadrian’s Wall, a weak national football team (sorry but it’s true!), the Loch Ness Monster, deep-fried Mars Bars (not strictly Scottish but certainly found up here), freezing winters… and Scotch whiskey. I like a bit of whiskey every now and then, and some of my favourite brands are Scottish ones. When the offer came up to visit a distillery I wasn’t going to say no.

Glenfiddich Distillery is home to one of whiskey’s most famous brands. There’s a lot of history behind this name, history that was made clear to us as we were guided around the distillery. Wherever possible local resources are used in producing the whiskey, and the distillery even went as far as to buy the land upon which a certain stream runs, in order to safeguard it. 

It’s a fifth generation family-run business, with a great deal of pride in their traditions. The steps include fermentation and ageing, using methods first put into use in the 19th century. 

A smell of honey (it’s not actually honey but it sure smells like it) hits you when stepping into the distillery. There’s also incredible heat. 

My overriding sense of the trip is one of great care and love for the craft. To learn more of the process behind one of my favourite treats was also a… err, treat.

It’s all bottled right here too. Therefore nothing leaves Glenfiddich without it meeting the approval of the distillery. The whole experience was amazing!

7 thoughts on “Scotland Day Three

          1. Ariel Lynn

            That’s exactly why Jameson was my go-to drink. Glenfiddich was a special treat. I couldn’t stand Jack Daniels anymore – I think I got spoiled. LOL

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