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Scotland Day One

Scotland Day One

The clan (the term my family use to describe themselves) has descended upon the sleepy Scottish towns of Aviemore, Nethy Bridge and everywhere in between for the occasion of a family wedding. I’m not sure the Highlands is quite ready for our arrival.

Nor am I complete sure we are ready for the Highlands. The voyage began with the journey from my home to my parents home, a journey of around an hour by car, in which time my little girl (who’d been complaining of feeling a little unwell anyway) was sick. She doesn’t tend to travel well by car anyway, and combined with a slightly upset tummy, I guess that was inevitable. She was then sick again later that evening, and sick again on the journey to the airport the following morning, and sick twice on the plane. Not the most auspicious start to the holiday.

After that, she perked up, and we began to take in the sights of Scotland.

There’s a sense of space up here that isn’t found anywhere else. It will be a good week!

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