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Scotland Day Four

Scotland Day Four

Pictures to be added later to this one!

Today was very much an ‘action adventure’ day. I did something I’d never done before, and I loved it.

What was it you ask? Something called canyoning. It involved a wetsuit, harness and hard hat, to give you an idea as to the nature of it! The experience began in earnest with a jump – literally, we jumped into a river, from a reasonable height. The water was cold (but then, we are in Scotland), and from that point on, we did a mix of sliding down the rapids, hurling ourselves off various points, and abseiling too. For me, the most nerve-wracking parts of the experience were sliding from a near-vertical drop into pitch-black waters, and abseiling more or less into a waterfall. 

This is actually a tough experience to describe in a manner that does it justice. If you don’t mind getting wet, aren’t too worried about heights and prepared to ache afterwards, it’s worth a go! 

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