Saying Goodbye 

I didn’t want to write this post, but I knew eventually I’d have to. We had to say goodbye to our beloved cat, Trinity.
Trins has always been an affectionate lap cat, who enjoyed nothing more than cuddling up to anyone who would have her.

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I don’t mind admitting today was emotional. For the past week we’ve pampered her, giving her the best food we can afford and all the love and affection that she has given us. It didn’t really seem real to me that we would have to say goodbye – but she was 17, which for a cat is old, and more than that, she had both kidney problems, and in the past couple of weeks, a build up of fluid in her sides and she couldn’t walk properly. The last thing we wanted for her to be in pain, so we took her back to the vet today.

She is now free from pain, and from suffering, and nothing can ever hurt her again.