Returning to Haunt Idazmi7

Every now and then I check in to see if there’s been any activity of interest on Idazmi7’s YouTube videos – usually there isn’t anything of note, but I saw a post of his the other day that I decided was worthy of further commentary.

His comments are in pink, mine in blue:

You got that idea by reading about Star Trek Voyager on the internet, not watching the shows. Voyager excepted, we’ve seen the Enterprise arbitrarily travel from the edge of the galaxy to the centre of the galaxy of the galaxy at will. Travel time from Earth to the Galactic Core was less than 12 hours both ways. The only reason it takes years to get anywhere is the ongoing survey of unexplored solar systems.

I wonder if you have the conviction to reply? Slow warp speeds were established in TNG and DS9 as well as VOY, which means the majority of canon information supports warp requiring decades to get across the galaxy – or do you think the crew of Voyager were willingly facing a 75 year trip home where the majority of that time was because of exploration?

It remains to be seen if Idazmi7 will even see my response. After his attempt to commit libel (which ended, rather pleasingly, with his spurious allegations being struck from YouTube), he blocked me. It’s possible others may see my reply and therefore make him aware of it, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at his claims.

It’s true that TOS established some rather inconsistent warp speeds – they’d been zipping off at great speed one week and the next this would be forgotten. This makes using TOS as a resource in this matter challenging at best, and what’s more, the evidence from subsequent Trek shows paints a very different picture.

TNG establishes that warp requires years to travel from the edge of the Delta Quadrant back to the Alpha Quadrant (Q Who). The strategic importance of Deep Space Nine in the show of the same name was clear – the wormhole that linked the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants reduced travel time from decades to mere minutes. Clearly the station would not be seen as an important strategic position during the Dominion War for both sides if warp drive were as fast as Idazmi7 claims (and the Dominion wouldn’t be wasting time exploring either, they’d be wanting to get their forces to the Alpha Quadrant as quickly as possible).

VOY’s entire premise is built around the ship being stranded, 75 years from home, at maximum warp (Captain Janeway’s own words). Would they really spend far longer getting home than was necessary, given their status as a lone Starfleet ship, with limited resources, numerous hostile forces and to top it off, the constant threat of the Borg?

These aren’t points I imagine Idazm7 will address, for he has demonstrated he is quite happy to ignore canon information before. Nevertheless, we shall see if he sees my comment, and where that goes.

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