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Pushing On

Pushing On

As some of you may be aware, I have alluded to some stress and pressure at work in recent weeks. That pressure remains but, as the winter sale kicks off in earnest and opportunity comes knocking, I am pleased to say that the opening set of days have been extremely positive, both in terms of share of business/volume of business booked (a major performance indicator) and in terms of options. I reached a point where I simply decided to go for it. The top books in the store have a certain type of approach and I’ve adapted it to suit my needs. The net result has been an upsurge in form, but complacency is a dangerous foe and the need for focus is about to become even more important. Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the winter sale and some serious money could be made. Let’s carry on in the same vein as the past few days and push on.

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