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Poorly Laptop

Poorly Laptop

I write this on an old, slow machine, one that was slow and decrepid when we got it. It is however still working, which is more than I can say for the new laptop we got about six months ago. Still, I can’t be too harsh on the new laptop or the manufacturers, seeing as a Windows update is what killed it. Yup, an official Windows update fried the laptop. Apparently this has affected a lot of people, thanks to code that actually began to delete portions of the operating system. I have to shoulder some of the burden here – I used to sell laptops and would advise customers to back up data all the time – yet I rarely do so myself. More fool me.

More fool me in other ways too. My stress levels have definitely risen after a week at work which involved difficult, awkward and frankly ignorant customers. If you sign a contract for certain goods, would you not make sure you’d checked the colours and combinations? Because we certainly do – and we make sure you’ve signe to confirm those choices. Likewise, it’s pointed out every single time that the contract to have the items are legally binding – bespoke goods are not returnable and orders cannot be cancelled. So why do so many people manage to ‘forget’ these details? Why do people order items with no regard for whether they’ll even fit in their homes?

I grow weary of idiots. I am tired of having to change orders and adjust finance applications. My role is sales, yet everything lately conspires to keep me from the position I am best at. I am literally not paid to oversee deliveries yet this happened to me twice last week. Today marked what must be at least the eighth time (in fact I suspect it’s been more) that I took part in the tedious and labour-intensive task of changeover. In the past… I think five weeks, there have been three, of which I have been involved in… three. The company’s obession with changing ranges it’s becoming absurd and it’s a punishing routine that has involved many a 4am start and twelve hour days. As my employer pays sales staff through commission only, once again I am literally not paid to do this. Yes, deals done on changeover day get pooled, but if there are five members of staff in and only two or three deals, someone goes empty-handed.

Don’t get me wrong, sales can be like this. On a normal day, everything being equal, someone might earn nothing, albeit not for lack of trying. So much depends upon customer flow after all. However, with everything that my employer expects us to do, yet with no incentive or reward for doing it, it seems pretty arbitrary at times. The stress and pressure has aged me, I’m sure of it.


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