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Pirate Ships and Southend Pier!

Pirate Ships and Southend Pier!

Yesterday we ventured off to Southend-on-Sea (a combination of cosmopolitan city and seaside resort town) to check out an attraction docked at the end of Southend Pier (which by the way, is the longest pleasure-pier in the world, at over a mile long) – namely, a replica pirate ship! I had hoped to share a few pictures, but the file sizes are too big for poor WordPress to handle!

Nevertheless, it was a great day out – my daughter absolutely loved traveling down to the end of the pier on the little train they’ve got, and she was entranced by the pirate ship (but not before she detoured and did some colouring in and pirate-hat making!).

I’m not sure just how faithful a replica this ship was, but if it’s even remotely accurate, then the sleeping area for the average member of the crew was cramped, to put it mildly, and you have to be very careful of every last bit of rope and rigging or you’re going to have a spectacular accident. Life at sea in those days must have been bloody hard!

My daughter had a great time, exploring and playing on the ship – and she also enjoyed her beach-side picnic too! It was, all in all, a very good day!




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