Patience – it’s a Virtue

wpid-wp-1445548132891.jpg(the face I make when people are doing something stupid)

As I sit here in the offices of my local council, waiting with my ticket number to be seen, I find myself – as I have before whilst here – with plenty of time to kill. The ‘line’ does not move quickly here – it never does.

This can be annoying. Of course it can be annoying. No one likes sitting around, waiting for their number, especially if there’s other things they could be doing. This doesn’t change a damn thing.

So the guy I’m sat here with, who is having a right whinge at the time it’s taking to get seen… Suck it up! We are all in this boat, and your little rants about the delays aren’t impressing anyone. Do you really think you can stand there and moan incessantly and somehow expect preferential treatment? Guess what, that won’t work!


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