Boiling Over

I’m fast running out of patience for certain elements of work, which I’m sure are impacting my overall mood. From unscheduled deliveries that drag me off the shop floor to difficult and awkward situations resulting from a lack of clarity and direction, work is fast becoming a source of stress and even, at times, anger…. Read more


It’s finally here! Well, the trailer is anyway… Avengers: Endgame is the conclusion of a journey that started way back in 2012 with Avengers Assemble. It’s the culmination of the tragic events of Infinity War and we’ll see if the finger snap will have lasting consequences. Meanwhile, what does the trailer actually look like? What… Read more

The First Time

It was the letters that moved her to tears. Hunched over one of the many cardboard boxes that summed up a different part of her late husband’s life, she could not help but recall the circumstances behind each one. Happy moments, joyful times, all now gone, never to be repeated. It was as though he… Read more


Time for a little of introspective musings. Maybe it will do some good to vent some steam. It certainly can’t hurt right? So here goes… I am fast approaching the completion of my first year at my ‘new’ job, which is a very different change of pace to what I was used to before. There’s… Read more

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