The Trump Trip

In yet another demonstration of his ignorance, not to mention another revealing look at how out of touch he is, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage (chief architect of the lie that the NHS would receive an extra £350 million a week post Brexit) was up in arms over plans to float a Trump ‘manbaby’ balloon… Read more

Daddy Daughter Time

Yesterday saw a brief spell of what I like to call ‘daddy daughter time’, when it’s just the two of us. We didn’t do anything particularly exciting (she wanted to watch Shrek, so we watched that with a few bits of snacky food) and cuddled up on the sofa. Sometimes, something as simple as that… Read more

Are we Enjoying This Yet?

Another week, another Brexit-related crisis. The Brexit Secretary David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson have both resigned as the government lurches, seemingly without much control, toward some kind of deal with the EU over how things like trade and immigration will work, post-Brexit. I have said it before and I will say it again… Read more

It’s Coming Home?

So England disposed of Sweden 2-0 at the weekend to move one step closer to glory – a semi-final against Croatia beckons on Wednesday evening, leaving England finely poised. I remember – albeit dimly – England’s last appearance in a World Cup semi final – I was a young boy, in the backseat of my… Read more

Do I Dare?

As an Englishman there are certain inescapable truths about my life. I drink tea. I loathe winter and yearn for summer but moan that it’s too hot. I also know in my heart that when England end up in a penalty shootout at a World Cup, we’ll lose. Except for the other night when, in… Read more

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