The Warlord P2

For centuries the Chon’ith had relied on superior firepower and a willingness to absorb losses that most other species would consider intolerable. Those two traits combined usually assured them of a comfortable, crushing victory over their enemies. It had never occurred to them that there might another species prepared to meet them on their own… Read more

The Warlord

Chon’ith were not noted for imagination, nor had they historically possessed much of a need for it. From the rise of the most dominant clans on their home world, to their expansion into a spacefaring empire, the Chon’ith had exploited their greatest asset – their brute strength. Chon’ith warriors were almost genetically hardwired to take… Read more

The Old Job Nightmare

Last night’s nocturnal adventures were sponsored by my old job in office supply retail. I was, at various points, dealing with customers who were being snarky and aggressive over small plastic storage boxes, trying to manage a queue as the till system crashed, and confronting thieves. All in all, it felt like a normal day… Read more

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