…. What?!

As those of you who follow both Meerkat Musings and The Coalition of the Brave are aware, I have, on several occasions, exchanged words with the author of Theology Archaeology. As a matter of fact, there’s an on-going ‘chat’ regarding morality (among other things) taking place right here. I’ll leave it to you to decide… Read more

Great Britain…?

This is The Sun’s typically sensationalist headline this morning: In one sense, as MPs prepare to vote, they’re right – in this meerkat’s humble view, voting through a half-baked, semi-disastrous Bill would constitute a betrayal of the public. It certainly wouldn’t help the country in either the short term or the long term. In another… Read more

The Scary Dinosaur Dream

The other night contained a surprise – namely a dino-based, terrifying nightmare. I don’t know what prompted this particular heart-pounder, but it you can bet Jurassic, it was scary. Firstly, I was working with a team of demolish engineers, who had the bright idea of burning old demolition charges to get rid of them (even… Read more