The Dreams again!!!

Once again my subconscious has conspired to leave me baffled beyond belief upon waking. After dreaming about going to university (no, this is not something I’m planning on, though my step-son does soon!), I was woken up briefly by the sound of a cat crying (urgh), and then dreamed of people being violently sick as… Read more

Upcoming Changes

Lately I’ve been getting some good feedback on my Terminator pages from the good denziens of, and as such I plan to make some modifications to those pages, giving credit where it’s due. I also plan to update my Star Trek vs Star Wars page, based on feedback from the good people of Starfleet… Read more

The 2014 Italian Grand Prix

(Picture courtesy of the BBC) So, two weeks after the hijinks of Belgium, Formula 1 has returned to our screens! This time, for once, Lewis Hamilton managed to have a good race (apart from a poor start), and it was Rosberg who made mistakes under pressure, twice running off the track at the first turn… Read more

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks five years since one of the best days of my life (barring only my daughter’s birth). On this day, five years ago, I got married. I am very lucky to have found a woman who’s prepared to put up with me for so long! She is beautiful, she makes me laugh, and we… Read more

Past, Present and Future

So, it would appear my Creationism page has generated a fair bit of discussion (especially on BigFooty), accounting for the vast majority of recent visits to my site – though in fairness, I’ve more aggressively pushed this page than I have the others. I’m quite pleased that it’s got the attention it’s gotten – it… Read more

Site Statistics Part 2

So, we are now at the start of September. This site has been running for just under one month. Time for an update on the site stats! The all-time referrer to my site so far is Bigfooty, with 61. Starfleet Jedi is in second place with 36, then iMDB is in joint-third with 20. Sharing… Read more