Yeah, the title is a little odd. Basically wanted to shout about Liverpool FC’s brilliant 3-0 away win over Spurs earlier today (yeees!), that sees the Reds bounce back from a 3-1 defeat at Man City in the best possible way.

I suspected this was going to be a tough match. Liverpool beat Spurs 5-0 away last season but Spurs were disjointed and under a poor manager then. They’ve looked sharper this season so to go there and pick up a big win is a great result!


In other news, I invite you (if you are interested of course) to see my discussion on Starfleet Jedi about my Trek vs Wars page – it’s quite an interesting little debate!

The more I read of the crisis in Ukraine, the more I don’t like it. Whilst I would like to dismiss the idea of this sliding inexorably to full-scale war between Ukraine and Russia as scare-mongering hysteria, the rhetoric coming out of Ukraine, and the fact that Russian troops are in Ukraine, suggests to me this situation has a very real potential to turn into something very bad.

The big issue is that Russia is violating the sovreignty of another country with a view to undermining a government with pro-Europe ambitions (and Russia has already annexed Crimea, whilst the world stood by and watched). Meanwhile, there are question marks over the elections and riots that led to the current Ukrainian government and its policies.

Where does the line get drawn? How much economic and political pressure can Russia absorb before military action becomes a real option?

If Russia commits to a full-scale war, what hope does Ukraine have of fighting them off without help, and if no one steps in to help, what sort of message does this send to both Russia and Ukraine?

Tough questions, with no easy answers.

I am currently still sans laptop charger so my ability to post comprehensive updates to my site is limited – therefore I’ll briefly discuss what I have planned.

Firstly, I’ve received some welcome and useful feedback on my site via the WordPress forums – thank you to Sunrader for your comnents! I plan to act on this as soon as I can!

I also want to add pages about The Terminator, alien life and The Legend of Zelda. These ideas are currently bubbling away, and should come to the boil nicely soon.

Back on the 7th of August, I wrote this post about a guy who just didn’t understand how his warranty (or it would seem, laptop) works. The guy isn’t English (not that this automatically means he’s a crook or a bad guy, I hasten to add), and I wonder if he’s playing up to the language barrier when it suits him.

Anyway, he came into the store last week, and we arranged for it to be sent back for repair. Owing to a problem with the details on file, the laptop was picked up earlier today, a little later than hoped.

So, just a short time ago, he comes into the store, operating under the curious idea that his laptop being collected today means it’s also ready to take back home today, and insists he spoke to someone who told him this was the case. He certainly didn’t speak to anyone in store!

So, either he has A: spoken to someone at our repair team who has given him incorrect information (possible, but unlikely, and not the store’s responsibility anyway), or B: he’s lying.

He muttered stuff about the store/company being crap, yadda yadda yadda. What he needs to realise is, this has come about due to his complete and total lack of understanding of… well, everything.

So the 2014 Belgium Grand Prix has just finished, Daniel Riccardo of Red Bull has his third win of the year (and second in a row), Nico Rosberg has claimed second place, and Bottas has taken third. Poor old Lewis Hamilton, needing a good result today to boost his title chances, had his race ruined on the 2nd lap, but none other than… Nico Rosberg, his Mercedes teammate.

Rosberg made a clumsy move to overtake Hamilton on lap 2 as they reached the second sector of the lap, and the end result was a punctured tyre, damaged floorboard, and a ruined race for Lewis. Though Rosberg lost part of his front-wing, his race wasn’t compromised enough to cost him serious points.

I can only hope that Hamilton’s luck turns soon. He’s had two mechanical failures leading to retirements (compared to one retirement for Rosberg), two mechanical issues in qualifying (to Rosberg’s none), and now, once again through no fault of his own, a race that’s been ruined. The points lost through no fault of his own are far greater now than the points lost by Nico, and it’s going to be these incidents and failures, rather than actual racing, that end up deciding the title if this trend continues.

Credit to Daniel Riccardo and Red Bull – in qualifying the Mercedes were far faster than everyone, but Danny and RBR took advantage of circumstances in the race to maximise their chases and the end result was another solid drive by Riccardo and another good win. If the Mercs keep taking points off each other, he could yet sneak up on them.

He’s also outperforming his more experienced, four-time world champion teammate Sebastian Vettel. Much has been made in the Formula 1 community of Vettel’s apparent reliance on a good car to win titles, and a lot of people have been waiting for him to prove himself outside of his comfort zone. So far this year, he has not looked able to do that, and he has clearly not adapted as well to the new regulations and car designs as well as Riccardo.

So, seven races remain. Mclaren got both cars into the points, Kimi Raikkonen actually managed to squeeze his Ferrari into fourth (his best finish of the year and he beat teammate Fernando Alonso in the process) and some good wheel-to-wheel racing. Spa always produces and this year has been no difference. Roll on Italy and Monza next time!