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Old White Man Strikes Again

Old White Man Strikes Again

I was perusing Twitter yesterday when a story flashed across my news feed that reminds me why I am quite happy to identify with the political left. A Tory MP by the name of Christopher Chope cried ‘object’ during a House of Commons session in which MPs were seeking the second reading of a Bill. This particular Bill aims at introduced better protections for young girls against the act of FGM – female genital mutilation. It would appear Chope’s objection was on the grounds of ‘virtue signalling’ (as though somehow it’s virtue signalling to try and protect young girls from this – what a load of bollocks), however it seems his true motive is simply that he’s a misogynist prick who places party above welfare. Chope did the same thing during the reading of a Bill to make upskirting (the practice of taking photos of women without their consent or knowledge, usually of intimate parts of their bodies) illegal. He therefore has form for misogyny.

Not only that, he has form for homophobia too, having voted against same-sex marriage and gay rights. He voted against increased benefits for people with long-term disabilities or illnesses. He appears to have little empathy for people who are not of his ilk. Quite how he remains an MP, I have no idea. I am giving serious thought to emailing him directly, though I would imagine it would serve little purpose, just like his ‘object’ serves to do little more than delay progress. In the end, his negativity will be consigned to history.

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