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Not letting Hate stand in the way of Love

Not letting Hate stand in the way of Love

When I was thinking about this post, I wondered how best to approach it. 07/07/15 marks the tenth anniversary of a terrible event carried out by young men whose hearts were filled with hate by other, evil men. They did it because they thought they were acting in the interests and wishes of their religious and cultural beliefs.

It would be all too easy to let their act be the thing that defines the anniversary. It is far more important though, to remember the unity and defiance of Londoners, both on the day itself and on the anniversary (and indeed, the unity of the country). We will not be cowed, or coerced, or scared into being anything other than ourselves. We will not turn on one another, or run from one another.


WALKTOGETHER2We’ll remember those who were lost in the right way, by taking comfort in the memories.

This time of year is important to me. It was on the 10th of July 2004 that I met my wife, so for me, I won’t let the tragic events of 7/7 cloud this occasion. The terrorists won’t take anything away from it for me.

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