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Nope, not Gonna

Nope, not Gonna

Having recently gotten involved in several heavy discussions, I’m now looking at some of the absurd arguments being made by anti-vaccers. Yes, there are people out there who believe vaccination is dangerous and the evidence for its success is all part of a big, money-grabbing conspiracy.


I mean, seriously?! I have little patience for conspiracy theories. Vague, pseudo-scientific notions about the ‘harm’ of vaccinations don’t represent proof they are dangerous. The virtual disappearance of measles in America once the vaccine was introduced on the other hand, goes to show that vaccination works.

Why argue against it?

Sometimes things do wrong with vaccines. These cases, whilst thankfully rare, can be devastating, as they can cost people their lives, and parents have lost children in such circumstances. It’s only natural to feel angry in such a situation and vaccination can become a target of this anger.

There will also be conspiracy theorists who see hidden agendas everywhere. This doesn’t mean these agendas are true – twist and manipulate the facts enough, and you can make them say whatever you them to say.

I’m not going into detail now, for I don’t have the patience to get into yet another serious discussion, but I may well come back to this.

2 thoughts on “Nope, not Gonna

    1. DarthTimon Post author

      By all means, tweet away! I can’t stand this sort of thing – you might have seen the rather passionate discussion I had on faith healing recently, and the anti-vaxxers are no different. They rely on trumped up nonsense.

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