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No Room for Germany?

No Room for Germany?

So it would seem that the 2015 German Grand Prix – originally slated for the 17-19 July – is on rocky ground. For the past few years the race has alternated between Hockenheim and the Nurburgring, with the Nurburgring slated to host the race this year, but, as often seems to be the case in Formula 1, financial problems are threatening to hurt the sport.

The Nurburgring should host the event this year, but the venue is not in a fit state to host the race and the owners of Hockenheim are not prepared to pay the fee demanded by F1 boss Bernie Eccelstone, which leaves us in the unfortunate position of not having a German Grand Prix, unless someone bends.

It’s a bloody shame that Formula 1 is riddled with so many political games and problems. I have fond memories of German Grands Prix down the years, and losing a classic race because of monetary arguments would be ridiculous. Sadly, that is modern F1 for you.

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