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May the Force be with you Carrie

May the Force be with you Carrie

2016 is the year that just keeps punching us. It doesn’t care where, or when, or why, it just keeps coming back to torment us. Today, it has robbed us of the legendary Carrie Fisher.

For many, Carrie Fisher is defined by the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars. This was her most iconic role, but it doesn’t define her. Carrie’s life is one of battles against drugs, depression and the pitfalls of fame, and despite the turbulent experiences she went through, she did not stop battling, and she did not stop making time for the fans. I cannot do justice to her remarkable life here, so I will pay tribute to her in the most fitting way I know. Voyage to the stars Carrie, may the Force always be with you, and rest in peace.


One thought on “May the Force be with you Carrie

  1. Ariel Lynn

    I like your tribute, but I dislike 2016 for so many reasons. When I heard she had a heart attack, I was worried & upset. Then, when her family (can’t remember if it was her brother or her mother) said she was in stable condition & doing OK, I made the mistake of breathing a sigh of relief.

    She also spoke eloquently about her mental illness & was an advocate for all people struggling through. She was a princess who was never a damsel in distress. She taught millions of girls how to be & stay strong. :'(

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