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The Manipulation of Media: Knives are out for Corbyn

The Manipulation of Media: Knives are out for Corbyn

Another day, another attempt to paint pictures of Jeremy Corbyn as something different to what he actually is – this time, it’s concerning alleged support for Hezbollah, and his patriotism.

As this article from The Independent shows, back in 2012 Corbyn’s picture was taken by a young man who saw the future Labour leader smile at him and thought it would be a good photo op. As the young man took the snap, someone walked by carrying a Hezbollah flag. The more rabid elements of the media have of course, been using this to try and discredit Mr Corbyn – what a shock.

There has also been scrutiny of Mr Corbyn’s remarks about Hamas and Israel – which he has since clarified (check the link to see his comments).

I wonder where this will end.

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